Alien Race Generator

Descriptions of alien races as complex as you like them, from simple appearance to a complete backstory!

  • For simple physical descriptions, choose 'Description.'
  • Choose 'Detail' to get a cultural snapshots and 'extras' for the race.
  • Choose 'Complete' to get a complete profile of the race and their place in the universe.

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Your Options:
The loose-skinned race. This race is eyeless. They are tripedial. They are tough enough to survive in the vaccum of space. They reproduce slowly. They were once a dead people - what brought them back to life is a matter of speculation.
The gigantic race that resembles the centaurs of earth mythology. They are mutating quickly. They do not reproduce, but instead infect and transform other beings into new members of their species. They are masters of artificial life. Another race uplifted them to sentience.
The tall, gas-based race. They are an all-male race. Their major advancements are in force fields. They are a growing empire. They are actually highly sophisticated machines created by another people.
The gigantic race of saurians. They are earless. They move by crawling along the ground. The species has 'subspecies' that specialize in different tasks. They lay eggs. They despise politeness as a kind of falsehood. Their homeworld destroyed, they are seeking to find a new one at any cost. Their origin is a mystery - even their supposed world of origin doesn't seem to be their homeworld.
The water-based race of avians. They are tripedial. They have incredible strength. Their bodies are so efficient they do not excrete. They have more than two genders, which makes things rather complex. They are masters of psychic technology. They are natural survivors. They control a vast galactic empire. There is another race they worship as gods. They come from a low-gravity world.
The brown-skinned race. By necessity, they are a race of hunters. They are the fallen remnants of a once-mighty empire. Alien artifacts figured prominently in their past. They once came from another dimension.
The bulky, light-based, thick-skinned race. Their sensitive whiskers provide powerful tactile senses. They move by dragging themselves along the ground. They have incredible navigation abilities. By necessity, they are a race of archaeologists. They are known to have terrible body odor. They interbreed easily with other species. Their economy is dependent on one technology: robotics. They are the results of other species interbreeding. Their world of origin is pleasant, resource-rich, has many moons, and is known for its calm weather.
The bulky, bony-plated race. They have an advanced sense of touch. This race is able to adhere to solid surfaces, making climbing easy. They are carnivores. They are an all-male race. Their major technical achievements are in manufacturing. They never quit or surrender. Their government is a dictatorship. They control a vast galactic empire.
The graceful race of reptiles. They are famous for producing explorers. They long ago converted to a cybernetic existence. They reproduce quickly. They are thrill-seekers. They are a conquered people. They are the results of other species interbreeding.
The thin, semi-material race. They have three manipulatory limbs. This race moves on many legs. The color of their integument changes with mood. They change genders as they age. Their major technical achievements are in anti-gravity. They have a very ordered view of the universe. Space is their home, they have no world of their own. They are actually a biomechanical race created by another people.


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