Alien Race Generator

Descriptions of alien races as complex as you like them, from simple appearance to a complete backstory!

  • For simple physical descriptions, choose 'Description.'
  • Choose 'Detail' to get a cultural snapshots and 'extras' for the race.
  • Choose 'Complete' to get a complete profile of the race and their place in the universe.

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Your Options:
The monstrous-looking, gray-skinned race. Their major technical achievements are in medicine. They control a great government from behind the scenes. Their species is very diverse in individual appearances. They come from a low-gravity, pleasant world that has a single moon.
The cumbersome race of armadillo-creatures. They are a race of scientists. They are masters of faster-than-light travel. They are very industrious. Another race uplifted them to sentience. They come from another time.
The tall race of turtle-people. Their economy is dependent on one technology: drugs. They love epic poetry and sagas. Space is their home, they have no world of their own. They come from a low-gravity, barren, resource-poor world that has no moon and has only a small area that is actual habitable by this species.
The malformed, light-based race of rabbit-creatures. They have an odd scent many races find attractive. Social status, job, and so forth are demarked by a clear dress code. The different genders of the species are very distinct physically.
The race that resembles the manticores of earth mythology. Biologically they are inclined to be assassins. They exist in symbiosis with another species. They reproduce slowly. Their government is a bureaucracy that is efficient. They are locked in an battle with age-old enemies. They come from a different level of reality.
The misshapen, plant-based, armored race. By necessity, they are a race of warriors. Their society is dependent on one technology: teleportation. They are highly emotional. Their government is a meritocracy. They work behind the scenes, uplifting other races.
The statuesque race of delphines. Their entire lives are spent inside cybernetic pods. They do not reproduce, but instead infect and transform other beings into new members of their species. Their society is dependent on one technology: weaponry. They have a tightly organized military. Their government is a theocracy that is corrupt. They are expanding by infiltrating other societies. Their species is very diverse in individual appearances.
The tiny, eel-like race. This race has elongated limbs. They are natural tool-users. They are masters of medicine. They come from another universe.
The delicate-looking, water-based race of bovines. They have four manipulatory limbs. This race is able to adhere to solid surfaces, making climbing easy. They can adsorb nutrients, plant-like, from the soil or similar substances. Their government is ethical in its own way. They exist as wandering nomads. Their world of origin is mineral-poor.
The statuesque, spine-covered race. They are famous for producing scavengers. They are actually the embodiment of another, extra-dimensional being. They are rapidly expanding out of their solar system. Their world of origin is desolate, mineral-rich, has no moon and a single ring surrounding it, and is known for its many natural wonders.


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