Supervillain Theme Generator

Ideas for Supervillain themes to inspire and amuse.

Your Options:
The smuggling controller of weaponry.
The drug-dealing wizard of weather.
The cybernetic slayer of the impure.
The elite vivisectionist of the doomed.
The mutant invention thief.
The blackmailing diabolic construct.
The conquering robotic scientist.
The larcenous supernatural spy.
The psychedelic queen of wizards.
The mutated bogeyman.
The psychic ringleader.
The gravity-wielding lord of revolutionaries.
The noble-born vampiric creation.
The aerial lord of witches.
The underhanded princess of cyborgs.
The acidic hitman of the good.
The cultured supernatural sham-artist.
The expatriate mastermind of cyborgs.
The noble-born android tycoon.
The outcast tyrant of sound.


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