Supervillain Theme Generator

Ideas for Supervillain themes to inspire and amuse.

Your Options:
The hateful hellspawned rascal.
The popular guru.
The rebellious jungle-dwelling ghoul.
The urban genetically-engineered freak.
The retro drug-lord.
The elite cybernetic terror.
The infiltrating wizard.
The cruel slavemaster of mad scientists.
The canine guru of freaks.
The interplanetary genetically-engineered warlord.
The plundering ghost.
The popular genetically-engineered terrorist.
The noble-born artist.
The orbital diabolic entity.
The high-tech conqueror of heroes.
The displaced spell thief.
The jungle-dwelling emperess of freaks.
The sewer-dwelling slavemaster of devils.
The smuggling wizard.
The opportunistic time-travelling cyborg.


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