Space Phenomena Generator

Names for unusual space-based phenomena to influence the plot, threaten your heroes, or allow you to throw around technobabble.

Your Options:
Anti-Wave Belt
Coronal Dead Corona
Destabilized Rift
Flux Spiral
Galactic Quasi-Process Nursery
Helio-Disk Matrix
Inactive Magnetized Halo Cloud
Induced Mono-Wave Zone
Irregular Aura Zone
Mass Nexus
Mega-Body Area
Phased Dissipated Burst
Phased Ultra-Cascade Node
Planetery Aura
Planetery Micro-Cluster Ring
Polar Radiation
Pseudo-Stream Nexus
Radioactive Web Nexus
Spectral Hole Zone
Spectral Ray Zone
Star Nexus
Sub-Polar High-Density Wave Spiral
Subspace Matrix
Unstable Disturbance
White Mass Flux


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