Sentai Team Name Generators

Names for those color-coordinated robot-riding japanese Superheroes - Sentai Teams!

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Your Options:
Abyss Task Force Strange Ranger
Dread Team Enigma Man
Explosive Astro Team Daemon Ranger
Explosive Genetic Theta
Explosive Quasar Task Force Rogue Ranger
Galactic Rainbow Capricorn
Grand Insect Task Force Nexus Ranger
Great Destiny Task Force Angelic Five
Great Fighting Chi
Great Task Force Electric Five
High Bane Team Mechanical Ranger
Omni Task Force Stone Five
Positive Armor Eta
Ripping Squadron Astral Five
Supreme Venom Force Mecha Five
Supreme Weird Team Perfect Man
Ultimate Cyborg N
Ultimate Force Mega Five
Ultimate Squadron God Five
Warrior Force Soul Ranger


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