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General-purpose names.

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Alba Guthrie
Alta Gamble
Bette Stone
Bettie Contreras
Blanche Greene
Brandi Villarreal
Caitlin Aurelia Albert
Carissa Sherry Pacheco
Corine Carter
Daisy Dodson
Dena Violet Cabrera
Effie Guthrie
Eunice Jennie Conway
Ginger Fern Hines
Glenna Clarke
Gloria Day
Gwendolyn Rose
Heidi Freida Koch
Helga Langley
Jacqueline Cortez
Janelle Hines
Joann Knowles
Juliette Sosa
June Janette Rowland
Katina Hansen
Kelsey Estes
Latasha May Simon
Leah Barry
Lillian Stokes
Lillie Erika Richmond
Magdalena Freda Dejesus
Marsha Hansen
Minnie Clarice Blanchard
Monique Morrow
Myrtle Luisa Perry
Nancy Rich
Nellie Fern Small
Ofelia Kennedy
Pearlie Dolly Dennis
Rae Mattie Mcintosh
Ruthie Robinson
Sheryl Allie Combs
Socorro Faulkner
Summer Violet Wagner
Tamara Chapman
Tara Candy Lucas
Therese Hope Hendricks
Tina Watkins
Violet Myrtle Park
Zelma Jeanine Dean


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