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General-purpose names.

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Althea Newton
Alyce Sellers
Amparo Cooke
Angie Villarreal
Annmarie Berg
April Wooten
Augusta Nell Mcintyre
Beryl Emilia Peters
Beth Patsy Buckley
Bettye Mcpherson
Bianca Williams
Blanche Freda Welch
Cecelia Matilda Bray
Christi Lynette Gibbs
Daphne Caitlin Trevino
Debora Long
Dena Lourdes Fox
Dianna Charmaine Moore
Gilda Hutchinson
Greta Ginger Newton
Hattie Mays
Heather Della Bird
Jami Savage
Janell Nettie Sykes
Jeannine Patrica Webster
Joanna Saundra Hardin
Joanne Helena Holder
Jocelyn Morgan
Judy Santos
Katy Burgess
Kitty Lindsay
Laurie Geraldine Cunningham
Lizzie Cole
Lorene Carmela Nunez
Louisa Mccarthy
Luz Tracie Burch
Maribel April Hays
Marie Patton
Melody Dillard
Misty Katy Ramirez
Nichole Moses
Octavia Travis
Phyllis Juarez
Priscilla Giles
Queen Stanley
Rae Hancock
Selma Richmond
Stacie Preston
Susan Bridgette Stewart
Tonya Walter


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