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General-purpose names.

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Alfreda Miranda
Alisha Delgado
Alma Nancy Meyers
Alyce David
Amber Chandler
Angeline Franks
Benita Erika Pruitt
Betsy Gilbert
Carole Wilma Orr
Catherine Reese
Cheryl York
Clara Davidson
Clarissa Randi Winters
Colette Pauline Heath
Elisabeth Armstrong
Erma Millicent West
Estelle Ava Lott
Ethel Armstrong
Geneva Reyes
Hillary Viola Landry
Ila Martinez
Jeannine Teresa Orr
Jillian Luann Sullivan
Joni Kelly
Karla Garrett
Katherine Ortega
Kelsey Sharp
Kristin Castaneda
Laura Lott
Lenora Mia Mathews
Lily Kristie Walker
Lois Margo Hardy
Lolita Alissa Steele
Marcy Barry
Mildred Sweeney
Millie Daugherty
Miriam Patty Bray
Mona Pruitt
Muriel Deloris Hess
Nanette Kelsey Mclean
Nola Perry
Noreen Foreman
Rochelle Walton
Rosa Dena Nicholson
Sadie Cervantes
Tamika Fay King
Traci Oliver
Vivian Mccarthy
Wanda Meyers
Yvonne Gregory


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