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General-purpose names.

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Aida Burt
Ann Martinez
Aurelia Paula Obrien
Blanche Denise Goodwin
Bobbi Mack
Bonita Minnie Banks
Brandie Barker
Carlene Spence
Claudette Meredith Harding
Crystal Rose Murray
Deborah Polly Drake
Deborah Vivian Velazquez
Diana Janie Warren
Elisa Hallie Conley
Elsie Lottie Long
Elva Duran
Erna Wyatt
Felecia Russell
Georgia Jeanette Coleman
Goldie Corrine Fischer
Hattie Montgomery
Iva Ivy Valenzuela
Janelle Terra Schneider
Jeanie Yesenia Patel
Jerri Mcpherson
Jodi Cristina Noble
Katharine Kane
Kimberley King
Kristy Levine
Lauri Lela Thornton
Lois Richard
Madge Morris
Madge Roxie Mullins
Marina Shelia Ayers
Marisa Eleanor Carson
Melinda Travis
Mildred Jenkins
Nadia Marguerite Francis
Nelda Justine Larsen
Nina Krista Mccray
Nita Gilda Little
Noelle Atkins
Rosalyn Latisha Patel
Shauna Audrey Velazquez
Susie Amber Robbins
Tania Elisabeth House
Terri Annmarie Christian
Theresa Edna Arnold
Vanessa Lucas
Zelma Emma Lindsey


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