Robot Maker

Generates profiles for anime-style robots in a variety of popular themes, which really means

  • Gundam G type theme names with a theme.
  • Millitary Style names with numbers and makes.
  • Super Robot Style names meant to be colorful.

(Mobile Suit Gundam and similar terms are registered of Studio Sunrise and Bandai Entertainment (c) 1997-2005, and are used only for stylistic reference)

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Your Options:
Gundam Phoenix - This fighting machine wields the Swooping Curse and the Devouring Feather. This machine moves swiftly and can draw power from its enemies.
Star Zephyr - This war machine uses the Star Tornado Launcher and the Galaxy Cyclone.
Tricky Gundam - This machine is armed with the Ravaging Projection. This fighting robot is designed for covert operations and can repair itself using stolen parts.
Ultra Gundam - This robot uses the Bone Bombing Wrapping.
"Annihilating Centaur" Unit - This mobile fighter carries the Executing Bullet. This war machine can charge enemies for powerful effect and is designed specifically for maximum devestation.
Windmill Q - This machine is armed with the Rot Blowing Curse and the Cyclone Undead Windmill. This gundam can fly easily and regenerates damage by adsorbing power from its enemies.
Photonic Goddess - This war robot employs the Laser Blessed Beam. This war machine has a variety of special abilities and can reflect laser attacks.
Seiger X-5 - This machine uses the Devestating Shooter Type I and the V-68 Shining Gun.
Gundam Psi - This fighting machine is armed with the Jester Dreaming Strings.
Phoenix 382 - This robot wields the N-289 Winged Cannon and the O-898 Bolt.
Gundam Atomic - This mobile fighter carries the Radioactive Ramming Reactor and the Penetrating Radiation Impale.
Lizard L - This fighting machine is armed with the Aquatic Spike Gush.
Model 72 "Undead Joker" - This fighting robot carries the G-014 Joke Howitzer. This war robot can draw power from its enemies and employs a variety of odd tactics.
Gundam Galaxy - This gundam employs the Trampling Star and the Cosmic Trample. This robot is very hard to hurt.
Aura Snake G - This war robot uses the Glowing Slither Laser and the Serpent Laser Crush. This mobile fighter has a deadly crushing grip.


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