Robot Maker

Generates profiles for anime-style robots in a variety of popular themes, which really means

  • Gundam G type theme names with a theme.
  • Millitary Style names with numbers and makes.
  • Super Robot Style names meant to be colorful.

(Mobile Suit Gundam and similar terms are registered of Studio Sunrise and Bandai Entertainment (c) 1997-2005, and are used only for stylistic reference)

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Your Options:
Tortise G-78 - This fighting robot uses the Defensive Shell and the Confusing Repeater Type A.
Blizzard Triton - This war machine carries the Neptune Freeze. This war robot can adsorb cold attacks.
Ursus S - This machine is equipped with the U-52 Mauling Gun and the J-47 Cannon.
Gundam Revenant - This war robot is armed with the Death Pugilistic Shroud.
Vixen 5 - This gundam fighter employs the W-4 Battery. This war machine is unusually strong and has a humanoid form and a quadrupedal form.
Gundam Freezing - This robot employs the Murasame Icy Ieatsu. This gundam fighter generates an aura of cold and is deadly in hand-to-hand combat.
Pirate V - This war machine is equipped with the Particle Ravaging Cyclotron and the Raiding Rad Assault. This war robot allows for some very unusual tactics and can emit a deadly radiation aura.
Miracle Phoenix O - This mobile fighter employs the Shining Dive.
Psychic Duelist - This machine employs the Murasame Attack and the Mind Assault. This war robot moves more quickly than many gundams its size.
Turtle 37 - This fighting robot carries the A-3 Cannon and the Point Withdrawal. This machine has an alternate armored form and has an incredible targeting system.
Typhoon Temjin L - This mobile fighter employs the Tornado Murasame Cyclone and the Cyclone Ieatsu.
Vixen Gundam - This fighting machine carries the Ramming Ray and the Piercing Nuclear Piercer. This war robot has a humanoid form and a quadrupedal form and can emit a deadly radiation aura.
Psi Komodo - This war robot wields the Gripping Attack and the Tearing Nightmare Tooth. This fighting machine requires a pilot with psychic powers and is well-armored.
Deceptive Reynaurd - This war robot is armed with the Pack Sly Break.
Lupis M-53 - This machine uses the P-20 Miraculous Cannon.


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