Robot Maker

Generates profiles for anime-style robots in a variety of popular themes, which really means

  • Gundam G type theme names with a theme.
  • Millitary Style names with numbers and makes.
  • Super Robot Style names meant to be colorful.

(Mobile Suit Gundam and similar terms are registered of Studio Sunrise and Bandai Entertainment (c) 1997-2005, and are used only for stylistic reference)

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Your Options:
Joker A - This war robot uses the R-277 Top Projector and the Soul Artillery.
Zebra C - This robot uses the Force Blaster and the Tornado Bite.
Ultrasonic Gundam - This war robot is armed with the Sniper Disruptor and the Ranged Sound Shooter.
Ramses Z - This gundam employs the Riddle Howitzer and the Heavy Battery Type E. This war machine is extremely well armed.
"Sound Anaconda" Unit - This fighting machine is armed with the Venomous Projectile. This gundam has an amazing sonar system.
Neffertiti Gundam - This fighting robot uses the Nile Rifle and the Pinpoint Sandstorm. This gundam fighter is well-adapted to desert environments and can find an opponent's weak spot.
"Holy Prince" Unit - This gundam employs the Noble Projectile Type Y and the Holy Battery.
U-80 Annihilator - This fighting machine is armed with the M-607 Bombing Launcher and the O-317 Devestating Mortar.
"Psi Centaur" Unit - This fighting machine wields the Charging Gun Type V and the C-4 Projector.
Biological Gundam - This fighting machine uses the Acidic Shooter. This machine will explode in a chemical nightmare if downed and can find an opponent's weak spot.
N-23 Corsair - This mobile fighter uses the Surprise Shot Type Y. This war robot has an incredible targeting system and can repair itself using stolen parts.
Mental Komodo - This fighting machine uses the Gripping Idea Fang. This robot can cloud opponents' minds and moves quickly.
Gundam Wrestler - This fighting robot is equipped with the Grappling Edge. This fighting robot has unusual defensive maneuvers and is deadly in hand-to-hand combat.
Jester R - This war machine wields the M-84 Tricky Projector and the F-744 Sniper Howitzer. This machine can find an opponent's weak spot.
"Chemical Elephant" Unit - This gundam wields the Melting Bullet. This gundam will explode in a chemical nightmare if downed and is very enduring.


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