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Robot Maker

Generates profiles for anime-style robots in a variety of popular themes, which really means

  • Gundam G type theme names with a theme.
  • Millitary Style names with numbers and makes.
  • Super Robot Style names meant to be colorful.

(Mobile Suit Gundam and similar terms are registered of Studio Sunrise and Bandai Entertainment (c) 1997-2005, and are used only for stylistic reference)

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Your Options:
Gundam Rifleman - This fighting robot is equipped with the Oceanic Ranged Gyser and the Pinpoint Submarine Bullet. This robot can perform a variety of feats with ranged weapons.
Devestator P - This gundam fighter is equipped with the Barrage Shell Type C and the Mind Bolt Type P. This gundam fighter can control an opponent's mind.
Arms C - This mobile fighter wields the Explosive Cyclone.
Gundam Illusion - This robot employs the Tricky Ranged Illusion. This mobile fighter can perform a variety of feats with ranged weapons and is designed for covert operations.
Glow Gundam - This fighting machine carries the Light Ravaging Ray and the Sneak Photonic Ravager.
Gundam Deceptive - This gundam uses the Crushing Projection and the Crushing Sly Crush.
Thor 89 - This war machine is equipped with the O-96 Jupiter Reactor and the Particle Hammer.
"Electrical Lightning" Unit - This fighting robot is equipped with the U-543 Jupiter Bomb and the Electro Spear. This robot is resistant to electrical attacks and can generate electrical interference.
Gundam Psychic - This fighting robot employs the Web Controller and the Web Mind Spinner.
"Icy Jester" Unit - This war robot is equipped with the N-4 Chiller.
Scythe Gundam - This machine wields the Disrupting Chopping Disruptor.
Gundam Ultrasonic - This machine wields the Howling Fighting Disruptor and the Many-Handed Ultrasonic Slam. This gundam fighter is a terror in hand-to-hand combat and can emit vibrations that disrupt enemies.
Gundam Archer - This war machine carries the Bombing Rifle and the Ultra Ranged Gun.
God Gundam - This war robot is armed with the Blessed Disrupting Blessing. This fighting robot will explode in a chemical nightmare if downed.
Revenant Elephant - This gundam is armed with the Crushing Bite. This mobile fighter is hard to destroy.


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