Humorous Magical-School Generator

Names of magical institutions that may sound 'familiar'. Well, in that they're a name that combines an animal and a skin or medical condition, which really doesn't say 'academic' but who am I to judge?

Your Options:
Bullsore Institution of Advanced Evocation
Cowsore College of Theoretical Witchcraft
Emublisters College of Remedial Enchantment
Hedgehogrash School of Advanced Mysticism
Hogpox Academy of Evocation and Conjuration
Lemurulcer Institution of Advanced Evocation
Opossumeczema College of Remedial Sorcery
Pigulcer College of Thaumaturgy and Wizardry
Sealsore Academy of Enchantment and Mysticism
Squirreleczema Academy of Conjuration and Mysticism
Toadwarts Institution of Necromancy and Sorcery
Walruspolyp College of Invocation and Wizardry
Warthogcarbuncle University of Witchcraft
Warthogscar School of Applied Conjuration
Wolfpox Academy of Analytical Evocation


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