Wacky Gadget Generator

Technology marches forward - or in this case stumbling and running into things, swaying drunkenly.

Your Options:
Atom-powered Mechanotebook
Atom-powered Motor Flurorapper
Balsa Freezer
Battery Aquaburrito
Chemical B-movie Megadrive
Chemical Infuriatoryzer
Cherry Nuclear Groper
Cinnamon Targeter
Data-driven Bureaucracy Mechanocalculator
Electromagnetic Rocket Smoker
Explosive Dimension Whiner
Golfing Explosive Flyer-o-meter
Gyro-stabilized Aerosandals
Gyroscopic Hairspray
Gyroscopic Motor Pyroshampoo
Iso 900-compliant Rainbow Klein Bottle
Jazz Ectoplasm Geopranker
Second-hand Geolevitator
Thread Astrogrenade
Thread Piston


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