Wacky Gadget Generator

Technology marches forward - or in this case stumbling and running into things, swaying drunkenly.

Your Options:
Articulated Atomic Hot Pants
Atom-powered Circuit Multiblender
Baseball Booster
Baseball Electromagnetic Drive
Cell Tripper
Cog Annoyerazer
Electrical Klein Bottle Kilochaps
Gluteal Lithobattery
Gyro-stabilized Groper-o-mat
Healing Infuriator
Management Jazz Dynaprowler
Missile Jockstrap
Modified Urine Klein Bottle
Morse Fusion-powered Pyroindicator
Nuclear Mascara Catcherazer
Nuclear-powered Soap Paralyser-a-tron
Refittable Janitorial Incinerator
Repairing Country-fried Ultrabullet
Supersonic Grenade Belcher
Transforming Flamboyant Nucleomelter


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