Alchemist Title Generator

With the popularity of 'Full Metal Alchemist' and related fanfic, this generator provides a way to generate titles (and ideas) for other Military Alchemists.

'Full Metal Alchemist' is trademark(tm) Funimation, this and all other copyrights and trademarks are respected and not challenged. Only good taste is potentially violated.

Your Options:
Blood Alchemist
Bombadier Alchemist
Cold Cross Alchemist
Conjuring Fur Alchemist
Gravel Alchemist
Healer Creator Alchemist
Hunter Alchemist
Hypnotic Healer Alchemist
Jet Alchemist
Meteor Alchemist
Raven Alchemist
Shadow Razor Alchemist
Shot Alchemist
Toxin Alchemist
Wood Alchemist


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