Firearm Generator

New ideas and names for ranged weapons, from ideas that sound like standard firearms to exotic ray guns and the labors of mad scientists. You'll get a lot of diverse results, since firearms vary consierably in fact and fiction!

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Your Options:
Adjustable Infector Cannon
Adjustable Kiloeliminator
Crowd Control Eraser
Crowd Control Nucleoannihilator
Dynadisintegrator Mortar
Exploder Ordinance
Hurricane Pistol
Magnetic Disruptor
Multi-shot Disintegrator Ordinance
Obliterator Handgun
Obliterator Ordinance
Poisoner Equalizer
Radiation Equalizer
Rapid-fire Exoblaster
Rapid-fire Gravity Blaster
Rapid-fire Gyroexecutioner Musket
Rapid-fire Terraexecutioner
Scythe Mortar
Short-range Magma Eliminator
Single-shot Magnoripper
Single-shot Whirlwind Bombadier
Tornado Flayer
Venom Blaster


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