Era Namer

Names for eras and particular time periods, with a colorful bent. Select specific categories for a given 'feel'.

Your Options:
The Aeon of Blameless Ailments
The Aeon of the Comets
The Angelic Aeon of Stars
The Baneful Time
The Century of Celestial Spaceships
The Corroding Aeon
The Cycle of Sorceries
The Eclipsing Time
The Epoch of Doom
The Holy Cycle
The Indigent Era of Cleansing
The Intergalactic Aeon of the Eclipse
The Inventive Epoch
The Meager Aeon
The Rising Cycle of Finality
The Ruined Epoch
The Time of Inventions
The Time of the Intergalactic Gadgetry
The Voyaging Era of Decay
The Withering Time


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