Era Namer

Names for eras and particular time periods, with a colorful bent. Select specific categories for a given 'feel'.

Your Options:
The Aeon of Cathartics
The Aeon of the Saints
The Age of Cleansing Banes
The Century of Cosmic Curses
The Century of the Cursers
The Century of the Sacred
The Decomposed Age of the Cleanser
The Deseased Era of Cleansing
The Epoch of Jewels
The Era of the Quasar
The Hostile Century of the Book
The Increasing Age of Havoc
The Killed Cycle
The Occult Time
The Prosperous Aeon of Struggle
The Purifying Era
The Rotten Time of the Shadow
The True Time
The Viral Cycle of Feuds
The Weakening Century


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