Era Namer

Names for eras and particular time periods, with a colorful bent. Select specific categories for a given 'feel'.

Your Options:
The Aeon of Blessed Jewels
The Aeon of Illness
The Age of Spaceships
The Benevolent Aeon of Gain
The Century of Dead Sin
The Century of Destruction
The Century of the Luminous
The Consecrated Aeon of Luminance
The Corrupt Time of Tools
The Corrupted Century of Darkening
The Demonic Aeon
The Epoch of Withering Treks
The Era of Collapsing Poorhouses
The Era of the Sacred Spaceship
The Eradicated Epoch
The Illuminated Age of the Planet
The Innocent Century
The Machine Cycle of Colonies
The Moral Time of the Starving
The Shadowy Era


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