Elf Name Generator

Generates names for fantasy-style elves, in several styles. 'Full Name' gives you first and last names, 'High Elves' are more Tolkeinesque, and 'Wild Elves' are more tribal/ElfQuest types.

Your Options:
Abidhiod Birdjuggler
Acanidans Bravepanther
Acsuol Prayerdoe
Agreal Lutewanderer
Anolusaot Starfeather
Atgaon Ivoryfang
Atnitb Druidfollower
Canidr Woodslayer
Ebtidg Woodphoenix
Ehboah Darkroot
Epahnaos Batmaker
Etdogr Battleblow
Halagsaah Duskmage
Irraen Daybear
Isudacinr Dewfighter
Logatt Gemcat
Ranulalr Duneglitter
Togahnelp Bloodgrass
Ucsait Stafftraveller
Uhorlalr Moonjewel


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