Elf Name Generator

Generates names for fantasy-style elves, in several styles. 'Full Name' gives you first and last names, 'High Elves' are more Tolkeinesque, and 'Wild Elves' are more tribal/ElfQuest types.

Your Options:
Abacnotl Starsnake
Anabdaad Vinefall
Badistutn Flamebreaker
Ebilroed Whipcaster
Eroneec Gleambreaker
Etindaar Birdseer
Galillinh Warriorhider
Gothett Holydreamer
Huhednecl Swordcleric
Ilunaer Dewarcher
Inadacail Shotkiller
Lulircius Whitespell
Nagadair Breakjester
Nanelodn Silentcut
Nibaclaih Glowlyre
Oredasuun Magicmask
Origbaas Goldhammer
Palussanb Breezeshine
Taltand Branchcutter
Urninr Earthember


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