Disease Generator

Names for diseases and assorted maladies, with an especially 'folk' feel. For cures . . . you may want to try some other generators.

Your Options:
Air Nervousness
Annihilating Scalp
Ape's Itch
Ape's Sore Lung
Battle Flux
Bloody Allergy
Delerious Lunacy
Festering Necrosis
Glandular Dissolution
Grand Dark Blood
Grave Soreness
Gray Lips
Great Fall Belly
King's Pain
Lady's Vomiting Necrosis
Man's Pestilent Corruption
Man's Yellow Malignancy
Morbid Upset
Oubliette Complaint
Prickly Sweat
Terror Colon
Torture Confusion
Vomiting Lung
Warping Fear Blindness
Zombie's Whooping Rot


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