Disease Generator

Names for diseases and assorted maladies, with an especially 'folk' feel. For cures . . . you may want to try some other generators.

Your Options:
Agony Colon
Ancestral Sniffles
Bronze Colon
Bronze Reflux
Corruption Atrophy
Delerium Colon
Delerium Malignancy
Dragon's Canine Intestines
Dragon's Shrine Liver
Ghastly Bule
Grocer's Abcess
Lady's Coughing Destruction
Large Atrophy
Miasma Complaint
Putrid Head
Ruin Boils
Seeping Insanity
Serpent's Shadow Plague
Serpent's Sweat Pox
Steel Vomit
Storm Collapse
Suffering Dropsy
Suffering Rashes
Ultimate Chills
Ultimate Upset


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