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Disease Generator

Names for diseases and assorted maladies, with an especially 'folk' feel. For cures . . . you may want to try some other generators.

Your Options:
Cairn Insanity
Cat's Pustules
Cat's Vortex Lunacy
Desert Gout
Diary Pustules
Dissolution Croup
Feared Dream Lip
Feared Grotto Belly
Feline Sores
Flux Spasms
Forest Plague
Foul Decay
Infernal Cough
King's Short Heat
Living Head
Moon Heart
Necropolis Womb
Oblivion Dropsy
Serpent's Lock Throat
Sneezing Pustules
Spotted Sneezing
Stinking Scalp
Swamp Plague
Warping Atrophy
Zombie's Black Fits


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