Disease Generator

Names for diseases and assorted maladies, with an especially 'folk' feel. For cures . . . you may want to try some other generators.

Your Options:
Acid Sniffles
Bronze Intestines
Cat's Dropsy
Chilling Spasms
Decrepid Intestines
Fear Plague
Feared Diary Pestillence
Flesh Abcess
Flesh Chill
Hectical Attack
Horrible Ague
Horse's Camp Sickness
Hot Fester
Itchy Ague
Legendary Misery
Lock Plague
Melancholy Suffering
Queen's Paralysis
Rock Gut
Sailor's Dungeon Corruption
Stranger's Atrophy
Stranger's Evil Torture
Upset Ague
Viper's Burning Plague
Warping Nervous Paralysis


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