Disease Generator

Names for diseases and assorted maladies, with an especially 'folk' feel. For cures . . . you may want to try some other generators.

Your Options:
Abcess Ague
Air Arse
Ancient Veins
Battle Inflammation
Delerious Confusion
Delerious Grip
Demonic Heart
Destruction Dissolution
Dog's Liver
Dragon's Moon Foot
Dungeon Inflammation
Great Island Heat
Grocer's Wasted Rash
Jungle Confusion
Large Despair
Man's Liver
Sore Destruction
Sore Intestines
Spastic Chill
Stranger's Sweat Lips
Unholy Hellish Palsy
Valley Doom
Warping Lock Eye
Zombie's Inflammatory Intestines
Zombie's Lock Decay


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