Currency Generator

Currencies for your settings, characters, and inspiration. Now all you need to do is design the entire economy that goes with these . . .

Your Options:
Adamantine Deva
Alabaster One-thousand Guilder Banknote
Ancestral Federal
Beyrl Smith
Deva Riyal
Double Guilder
Double Thirty Shekel Bit
Electrium Four Talent Unit
Emperess Coin
Exarchy Rupee
Glorious Six Farthing Banknote
Heirarchy Ancestor
Imperial Pound
Ivory Pence
Nymph Banknote
One Principality Piece
One-million Riyal Coin
Pedlar Farthing
Perfected Hunter
Planetary Heirarchy
Platinum Suzeranity
Silver Wyvern
Solar Bit
Solar One-million Drachma Note
Ten Presidential Bit


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