Color Generator

Colors beyond the usual spectrum.

Inspired by the The Neathbow of Fallen London as well as imaginary colors like Octarine.

(This generator is in early beta, feedback is appreciated)

Your Options:
Eane - The yellow of anger and of gold that can never be imagined.
Tesudenkly - The yellow of terror and of sunlight.
Cachse - The primal yellow. Used for important academic records.
Ewuntast - An opalescent purpleish-red. Those that see this color lose their memories .
Rechsia - A mellow yellowish-orange. Things written in this color will vanish from memory.
Ange - The green of a dying forest that you've never seen. Under light of this color disease spreads.
Bidephil - A light purple. It is the color of things that should be recalled.
Vorumbane - The sober purple of happiness.
Ieta - An opalescent purple. Used to write about friendship.
Petrotch - The orange of a sunrise that you've never seen.


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