Anime Title Generator

There's just a certain something about anime titles. This attempts to boil that something into randomly created titles.

Use it wisely.

If you enjoy this generator, it was also one of the inspirations that Ewen Cluney used to create the hilarious Anime Producer Game Channel A

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Your Options:
Angel Scroll Sakurako
Army Days
Breaker Ronin Mami
Breaker Virgin
Campus Female Driver Detonator
Chojiro and the High Dream
Cop Army Jewel
Cosmic Chrono Army Lovers
Cutey Energized Ressurection Knights
Healer Stalker
Hell Ninjas
His Experimental Love Suit
Last Balder
Machine Cowboy
Master Boy
Minute Gunsmith He
Phoenix Marionettes
Revelation Church
Revolutionary Saga Gorgons
Salvation Area
Stone Seeker Ogres
Super-dimensional Hyperion Ghost Lords
Thunder Midnight
Tomorrow's Mobile Day A
Wonder Guerilla Brains


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