Anime Title Generator

There's just a certain something about anime titles. This attempts to boil that something into randomly created titles.

Use it wisely.

If you enjoy this generator, it was also one of the inspirations that Ewen Cluney used to create the hilarious Anime Producer Game Channel A

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Your Options:
Alliance Zayin
Bubblegum Battler Dragons
Carnival Guy Nun Sabers
Dance Campus
Dark Phantom Saints
Daylight Samurai Marionnete
Electric Professor Adventure
Gamer Adventurers
Great Monster Idols
Incredible Crusader Gunsmith G
Joke Outlaw
Major Cave Ronin Witches
Midnight Idiots
Miss Dragon Ninjas
Ninja Mutants
Our Magic Honey Caves
Outrageous Fatality Detonator Fighter Sadatake
Prince Miracle
Seed Bebop
Sorceror Armageddon
Space P
Speed Guardian Dragon
Teacher Restraunt
Twilight Crusader Stalkers
Virus Ball


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