Wrestling Move Generator

Names for wrestling moves, because the classic 'Sports Entertainment' really isn't the same without signature moves. These are based on deconstructing various classic moves, martial arts moves, and applying a bit of extra imagination and vocabulary.

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Your Options:
Airplane Bell Clap
Bar Slam
Body Suplex
Brainbuster Monkey Lift
Bulldog Choke
Catapult Choke
Cross Wrist Hair Pull
Crucifix Team Piledriver
Elevated Chicken Moonsault
Fireman's Chin Wristlock
Forearm Rake
Forward Trip
Grounded Rake
Japanese Choke
Jumping Mare Flurry
Pain Press
Power Buster
Reverse Scorpion Snap
Special Wheel
Spinning Victory Elbow
Super Apron Lift
Tombstone Knife Flip
Tombstone Sleeper
Vertical Cobra Clip
Vice Jawbreaker


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